What & Why?

Zerosifr is a cloud-based accounting & management software with features that helps any type of company to record all business transactions & operations in a single system. You do not need professional accountant to use this simple software with easy-to-use modules & a great user-experience. It serves as the backbone of your growing business by adding strength, transparency, and control. With Zerosifr, you can make informed, fact-based, and timely decisions to remain ahead in the competition.

The point is,

It is simple as using excel sheets but as organized & efficient as using an expensive software. Zerosifr is developed after understanding the pain of every entrepreneur, solopreneur, travelpreneur & owner of a small enterprise or a shop.

It keeps your cash accounted, operations organized, team accountable, profitability measured & investment safe. Zerosifr, a cloud-based accounting & management software serves any type of company from 1-100 employees with upto 10 permission-based user accounts with features of accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, CRM, HR, payroll & others. Zerosifr is an ideal software for freelancers & home-businesses with a single user package, free for 30 days to test the waters which is easily accessible on multiple devices.

What’s in the name?

Zero-sifr means zero-zero, balance your transactions & reports, with every transaction posted, every sales invoiced & every payments recorded, the software balances your all the reports like profit & loss statement, balance-sheet etc which allows you to make zero mistakes.

About Mission20 Zero

Mission20 Zero aka M20Zero is a technological & digital transformation start-up, subsidiary of the decade-old social enterprise, Mission20. As technology evolves, companies are expected to manage their resources more efficiently in order to be competitive and sustainable. Revise and optimize your business processes, reduce your time and effort with ERP Zeroforce, Zerosifr & other digital solutions.


Save Time & Money

Better Accountability

Automate Process


Cloud Server & Storage

Multiple Users & Permissions

Multiple Devices

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